6 Reasons You Shouldn't Hire
a Cheap DJ for your Wedding
or other Event!

1. A Good Wedding DJ is an Investment in Your Wedding

A good wedding DJ is an investment in the success of your wedding. The majority of the success of your wedding reception will be due to the entertainment you choose. If you have low quality entertainment your guests will not have a very good time and will most likely leave early. If this happens, all money you spent on everything else would seem a little pointless. A professional wedding DJ cares about the success of your reception!

2. Cheap Wedding DJ's Are Usually Not Very Talented

A cheap wedding DJ is cheap for a reason, they most likely are new to the industry and have not performed at many events, they lack knowledge and experience. A quality wedding DJ will have the proper experience and training to be able to MC your wedding and ensure the entire reception flows smoothly. When it comes to dancing, their experience will allow them to "read the crowd" and play the right song at the right time to keep your dance floor full. You will pay a good wedding DJ more for their experience, training and talent.

3.Cheap Wedding DJ's Can't Afford Continuing Education

Professional DJ's often invest large amounts of time and money in ongoing training and education to stay at the top of their game. Amateur DJ's usually don't care enough or lack the funds to pursue continuing education.

4. Cheap Wedding DJ's Use Low Quality Equipment

Professional DJ equipment is expensive. Cheap wedding DJ's have cheap equipment. If you care about the quality of the sound at your wedding hire a professional DJ that uses professional equipment. Do you want your cheap DJ's $100 wireless microphone cutting in and out during your toasts? Or, would you rather have crystal clear toasts heard by everyone in the room because your wedding DJ uses a high-quality $600 wireless microphone? Don't hire a cheap DJ with a home stereo, hire a professional DJ!

5. Professional DJ's Pay For Their Music

Professional wedding DJ's invest in their music library by subscribing to professional DJ subscription services (many of the same ones radio stations use) and purchasing their music online legally. Cheap wedding DJ's often download their music illegally.

6. Cheap DJ's Often Don't Run a Professional Business

A professional business costs money to run. You pay more because they have higher expenses than a cheap wedding DJ operating out of their garage. Professional companies have office space, a warehouse, staff, insurance, utilities and lots of other expenses. When you hire an established business you have the confidence of knowing that they have a solid reputation, have been around for a long time and will be in business when your wedding day arrives. Will a cheap wedding DJ operating out of their apartment be around on your wedding day?

Bottom Line: It's not just about only playing for a few hours, you're also paying for all of the hours of pre-planning and prep work that is done on the weeks before with your Professional DJ. With the cheap DJ, he just shows up that day. You get what you pay for.

Save The Stress, Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding or other event!

When you hire a professional DJ company for your wedding instead of a cheap wedding DJ you will get the peace of mind of knowing that you have invested in the success of your wedding. You will have an experienced entertainer who will MC your event, has quality equipment, an extensive music library and has an established business.

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